HILE is a Finnish design brand creating locally produced and perfected items for coffee lovers. Our coffee related products are produced in Finland. HILE products have deserved the Design from Finland Mark and also the Key Flag Symbol that tells about our Finnish origin.

As a main material we use birch ply. Some products have a thin polypropylene layer on top for help to keep them neat and to increase duration. We have various subcontractors in Southern-Finland that produce the workpieces and packages for us. The exact finishing from sanding and branding to oiling and packing is made at HILE wood workshop in Helsinki.

handmade branding verstas


Hilja Nikkanen

Hilja Nikkanen is the founder of HILE brand. Hilja has graduated from University of Art and Design Helsinki as an Master of Arts from Industrial Design department. During this period Hilja had secondary subject studies on trend research but also entrepreneurship and leadership studies in the Helsinki School of Economics.

From other education Hilja Nikkanen is professional chef. Love for restaurant and food culture can be seen in Hilja’s design work. Positive trends from food culture - like localness and traceability - are also part of HILE brand.

Teemu Karhunen

Teemu Karhunen has graduated from University of Art and Design Helsinki. He is Master of Arts from furniture design department. Teemu also studied furniture design BA level in Kymenlaakso University of Applied Sciences. Before design career he has graduated as an artisan cabinetmaker. Teemu has done his career mainly workings as an product development specialist since 2002 in furniture industry but also made some own design work.

Teemu & Hilja

Cooperative partners:
www.teurastamo.comHILE workshop is located at Teurastamo, the heart of food culture in Helsinki
www.koskisen.fiSupplies the birch ply for our products
www.korvenranta.fiMakes the basic form for Kapu
www.formesa.fiForm press Sola
www.hvloy.comHollolan viilu ja laminaatti manufactures the material for Pusu
www.jetmatech.fiJethmatech produces workpieces for Pusu
www.lonnberg.fiManufactures carton packages for our products