Coffee scoop and bag closer

Persistent practicality

Kapu is a coffee-lovers best friend. It helps you to store your coffee properly in its own package and closes coffee bag airtight so that coffee keeps its freshness and aromas protected from oxygen. The scoop is also always at hand. 

Scoop in standard one cup measure 20ml/7g.

Handmade in Finland

Kapu is made of Finnish birch plywood. Finishing is hand made. Kapu has a thin white polypropylene layer on top to keep it neat and to increase duration. The PEFC sertifed birch plywood is manufactured to us by Koskisen Oy in Järvelä, Southern Finland. The workpieces of Kapu are made with a CNC machine by Korvenranta Oy, which is located in the same village as Koskisen Oy.


The package for Kapu is manufactured by Grafimax Oy from Finnish carton. The demanding, exact hand finishing and packaging is done by Hile at our workshop in Helsinki. Wooden surfaces are finished with natural oil. 


To clean wipe with a damp cloth and dry. You can revive finishing every few years by using wood treatment oil. This is all you need to do to keep Kapu nice and neat year after year, even for decades.

Lengh 160 mm
Width 44 mm
Height 15 mm
Weight 40 g